… is the Hebrew word for learning; learning from each other and with each other is the essence…

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The word Limmud means ”to learn” in Hebrew. Learning and teaching is the very essence of Limmud. Limmud…

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Our target group

… are all those who want to enrich their Jewish identity and/or are interested in any Jewish subjects…

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While we wait for OresundsLimmud 2024...


Here you see some of our OresundsLimmud 2023 presenters.

Johan Andrée / Sverige

Språk: svenska

Begreppet Förintelsen i svenskt språkbruk

Yochi Rappeport / Israel

Language: English

Who owns the Western Wall – Liberating the Western Wall. Again.

Presenters ORESUNDSLIMMUD 2023 (March 12, Copenhagen)

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Bent Rosenbaum / Danmark

Sprog: dansk

Buber og hans interesseområder; Jeg-Du filosofien; Buber og chassidismen ...

Izzy Posen / United Kingdom

Language: English

A Cultural Renaissance? New Chassidic Music Trends

Konstanty Gebert / Poland

Language: English

Why does Poland need a “historical policy” on the Jews?

Karen Lisa Salamon / Danmark

Language/språk: English/svenska/dansk

De-Nazify the language! – a confrontation with the Nazi roots of everyday ....

Jonathan Lebel / Israel / Denmark

Language: English

Climate Tech – Israel’s solutions that can save the world

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