The word Limmud means ”to learn” in Hebrew. Learning and teaching is the very essence of Limmud. Limmud is also the name of the  worldwide Limmud movement that organises seminars and conferences all year round.

Like all Limmud seminars, OresundsLimmud is organized entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers from both Denmark and Sweden work all year round on planning and executing our annual events.  Conferences take place in Danish, Swedish and English.

Denmark and Sweden take turns hosting the annual conferences.

All limmudniks (participants in Limmud) – including presenters and volunteers – pay the stipulated participation fee and put aside their professional titles.

Everyone – regardless of one’s political opinions, religious affiliation, or lack thereof – are welcome to discuss, criticize, appear, be happy or annoyed this day. In other words: all participate equally and in a pure democratic spirit.

The forerunner to OresundsLimmud,  LundaLimmud, was founded in Lund, Sweden, in 2012. It was a success which later led to the creation of OresundsLimmud. OresundsLimmud Sweden and OresundsLimmud Denmark are registered non-profit organizations in, respectively, Sweden and Denmark.

ÖresundsLimmud Sweden and ØresundsLimmud Denmark are politically and religiously independent non-profit organizations. Both associations have their own boards and their own bank accounts. OresundsLimmud Sweden and OresundsLimmud Denmark are fully independent from other established Jewish and non-Jewish associations and congregations.


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